Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I should be excited about Mr H coming home for the weekend, and I am of course, but I'm also feeling pretty stressed.

The house needs cleaning, the bed needs changing, have I got enough food? the right food? we've only got 3 nights and one of those we're going out - so I feel annoyed that Mum and Dad want to see us but of course they do and I can't get out of that one.

Three and a half days.. it just isn't long enough.

Django is doing my head in and I wish Mr H was driving down so he could take him back this weekend instead of me having him another two weeks.  I've got revision to do and a stupid pension form and PMS, and the dog whinging for attention constantly is REALLY not helping.

*Sigh* I know I will feel better once Mr H is here, but I'll feel even better when he's taken the whiny little brat to Scotland!


  1. OH OH, hope things will look up soon

  2. You'll be fine. Just take a deep breath and say goose faba.


  3. Juniper: Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Give the puppy to the parents.


    That'll work. They'll want a very short visit. Just long enough to pick up the puppy.


  5. Morgan - thanks for the advice, it helped :-)

    Mel - oh but that would make my mother worry about me (that I can't cope with the children) and that would make things worse ;-) thanks for the suggestion though!



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