Monday, 2 November 2009

Brain tricks and games

I remember when I could go food shopping and it worked out at approximately £10 per bag.  Unfortunately my brain still compares everything to that benchmark - the thought that it is now more like £20 per bag is not one that I have managed to store away successfully; maybe if I did the checkout would be less of a shock.


The clocks have just gone back yet still some people don't realise that they will show up a lot better on their bicycle if they fix those red and white glowing things to the front and back; and perhaps don't wear black. Every year Autumn/Winter comes and every year there are idiots riding on the road barely visible.  I never feel stupid in my day-glo yellow jacket because I am not the one hearing the squeal of brakes as someone drives past inches from my elbow.   It's the equivalent of motorcyclists in the summer riding around in shorts and t-shirts. "But I'll look stupid in leathers in this heat".  You'll look a lot more stupid with no skin.  

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