Sunday, 15 November 2009

Similar yet so different

Himself is away for a couple of days and nights, and I find myself trying to think the way I did when he was away for a year, but it's not the same... I don't have time to waste sitting around on the computer or reading the paper - those things that I want to do need to be done by tomorrow morning, rather than leaving it until the last minute before he next comes home.   That makes it sound as though they are things he would expect me to have done by the time he gets back, but that's not what I mean. They are things that need doing outside, and I want to get on with rather than expecting him to do it or waiting to 'do it together'.

He's not here, get on with it - that is the state of mind I got into when he lived away. It's just harder to achieve when it's only a couple of days, which I would love to spend sitting around drinking tea and reading my latest favourite author.

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