Monday, 9 November 2009

What have they done to the eggs?

When I were a lass, the standard time to boil an egg were 3 minutes for soft-boiled.  Everybody knew that.  I used to do them for a bit longer, say 4 minutes, because I like them a-bit-further-along-the-way-to-hard-boiled.

These days if you boil an egg for 3 minutes it would climb out of the shell when you opened it.  I boiled one for 5 minutes this morning and it couldn't quite heave itself out on to the plate, but almost.  The yolk ran everywhere and the white was watery (not pleasant). 

So WHY do they take so much longer to cook than they did 30 years ago?   Are they feeding the chickens olive oil? or are the shells a micro-millimetre thicker? 

Nowadays, if you want to Go to Work on an Egg you have to get up a few minutes earlier.

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