Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This stuff gets in your head..

I am only 6 weeks into my Social Sciences course and already the grey cells are exploring their new knowledge.

While out for a dog walk the other day, himself and I ended up discussing:

- supply and demand (and how low the demand had to get before something was taken off the shelf rather than just getting cheaper; and whether that was a good or a bad thing for the Bangladeshi workers);

- the demise of fur coats and the difference between being a means of keeping warm like eskimos, and conspicuous consumption (and, why wasn't the fur isn't on the inside?)

Since we no longer have a TV (yes we watch iPlayer but actually forget to watch even the things we had our eye on most of the time), I fear we may start spending our evenings in social science debate, and subsequently boring any unsuspecting dinner guests to death...

But it will still be more interesting than X-Factor.

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