Thursday, 22 October 2009


So often the days before going abroad on holiday raise the blood pressure and anxiety levels - will we enjoy it? will we come home more exhausted than before we went away?

How nice to visit friends for a week's holiday and not have any stress about it; to know that it will be totally relaxing with no standing on ceremony, no wondering if you're sitting in the wrong chair, no worrying whether it's ok to make yourself at home, or do the washing up, or to just sit and read (and not be interrupted every five minutes).  Just a laid-back, mutually (we hope!) enjoyable and chilled-out time to be had.



  1. Where are you going???? We've got some visitors coming and they're chopping down trees, shifting logs, and a whole list of other jobs..........................

  2. Facetious comment aside, I'm delighted with your comments, agree totally and am really looking forward to your visit. Weather looks good for at least most of the time and woodburners to the ready if not. Travel safely. x

  3. Also bringing things for the larder ;-)


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