Monday, 5 October 2009


I have found that when you change something, people will often say either 'I preferred it the way it was before' or 'Oh that's much better, I never liked it'; I'm never quite sure which is better to hear!

I vividly remember when we moved from our 1 bedroom modern house with a postage-stamp garden to our current 2 bedroom 19th century house with big garden, my father said "I never liked the other place".   But, being my dad, I appreciated the fact that it being our first starter home, and him always being supportive, he never said a word at the time. 

Sometimes, however, you wish that somebody had mentioned something they hated; but let's face it, we none of us take criticism well especially when it's personal choice, so perhaps it's better we tend to keep our mouths shut unless it is really vital.  

I am having a temporary change to my hair colour, primarily because I want to wear a red dress at the weekend and I think that too much red may be over doing it. So I am toning down for a month or so.  

I have no doubt that tomorrow somebody will say "Oh no, I much prefer it red!"... it's just a case of how many minutes after I walk into the office they notice it.

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