Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My brain is back in use!

It feels good to be studying again, my brain is clicking back into gear after a summer off, I can feel the cogs grinding and gradually working up to speed.

My first assignment is based around opium and its uses both legal and illegal, and it's a fascinating trip through social history. I now know about the 'Opium Wars' and more recently the 'War on Drugs', both examples of how the actions of people in power have influenced the use (and abuse) of opium and other opioid drugs (eg. morphine, codeine, heroin).

My tutor this year is a woman and so far seems very nice; I get the impression she'll be giving good, constructive feedback which is so important.

So, watch out for Crime and Justice discussions coming up on a blog near you.... that is, here!


  1. Criminal Justice....ah yes.....

    A good tutor is worth their weight in gold.
    And an active brain is a growing thought process.

    Mostly that's good.....LOL I think....unless you're me and it becomes overactive. THEN there's a problem! ;-)

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