Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chill out weekend

We seem to have either been away or had various appointments at weekends for the last couple of months, which has been good fun but quite tiring! This weekend was totally blank and I intended to keep it that way.. So when Mr H said he was going up to see his brother I secretly looked forward to some chill out time alone at home.  I also wanted to get some study reading done, which is much easier without other people here.

My Saturday wasn't particularly restful but that was fine, everything I did was my choice. I did a tough class at the gym, which is my escape place (there is never anything else I 'ought' to be doing, when I'm there).  Then as it was a beautiful day Django and I went up to the Forest for a bracing, breezy walk before coming back for lunch and a bit of studying. Me, not Django, that is!

After a quick visit to my parents in the afternoon, I cleared out one of the veg patches ready for manure. So as I say, not very restful, physically at least! But it was relaxing, and this evening Django and I are in front of the fire with study books and a bit of tv.

When Mr H was living in Scotland, some of our best weekends consisted of just that kind of thing, dog walking and gardening, and general chilling out.

This time, the best thing is that I know that Mr H will be home tomorrow :-)

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  1. No, that doesn't sound restful in the slightest but I'm glad you enjoyed every minute of it!

    C x


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