Monday, 8 October 2012

21st Century...

Well, here I am, finally caught up with the world.  I now have not only a Kindle but am writing this on an IPad. Admittedly a second hand G1 version but an iPad nevertheless.

All those years of saying "never!" and here I am, feeling a bit of a traitor.

I guess driving a 44 year old car kind of makes up for it?


  1. Hahahaha.....I gave up saying NEVER when the Mac ended up in my livingroom. That'll teach me....
    Yeahyeah...and then I STILL went on about the 'evils of the internet'. Hahahahahaha......Bit of a slow learner, I confess!

  2. But I bet you search for bits for it on your iPad? We've just got a GPS which has added a new dimension to househunting. At least you can see where you've been it leaves pretty blue trails on all the roads you've covered.


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