Sunday, 14 October 2012

Culture shock?

I was away at a conference at the weekend.
On Friday against my better judgement I'd had 2 glasses of red wine before 4pm... This is someone who maybe has a glass with the evening meal, I'm not really supposed to drink with the meds but I've started liking the taste again. I did regret it on Friday because by 7pm I was feeling maudlin, the symptom I get worst. I decided no more drink that night so of course when out for dinner that night some of those who were drinking (everyone else) started... "what's up? Are you pregnant?" etc. guaranteed to wind me up!
In our culture it is weird to not want alcohol, and it's worse if they know that you're not actually teetotal (or pregnant). It wouldn't be the same with other things unless you are part of a drug culture or other peer pressure situation.
"hey Juniper, not going to step in front of a car? God you're so BORING!!!!!"
Anyway I stuck to my guns, and furthermore on Saturday which was the main dinner night with champagne reception, I had one glass of fizz and drank water for the rest of the evening. I had the best evening and the most-laughing-until-I-cried moments I've had for a long time.
My friend, herself several sheets to the wind, said "Juniper is so much more fun when she's not drinking!!"
I have to agree with her. The one time I stayed up at an annual dinner and danced til 2am, I was stone cold sober. Usually I'd be heading to bed at 11pm feeling ill.
Maybe next time someone asks whether I'm pregnant I'll just say yes. That is if I can stop laughing...

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  1. Wow.......thinkin' I'da said "nope--but keep it up and I'll shove you in front of the next one!"

    *hanging head*
    <-- going to the naughty corner

    Geeze........some people's kids!

    yeahyeah....I'm GOING already!!


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