Saturday, 12 May 2012

What should I do?

How odd that even though I am a free agent (well, home alone anyway) until tomorrow evening, I feel that I should do things that I will be proud to tell Mr H that I did.   Whereas actually I can do what the hell I like as long as the house looks reasonably presentable by the time he gets home.

How difficult it is to get away from the "should's" of life.   I should revise. I should play my violin (sorely neglected already). I should ... whatever.   Somehow the more rare time alone becomes, the more pressure we have to make the most of it, and the more we spend to much time deciding what we should do to fill it best.

I should.... stop thinking about it and go with the flow!


  1. <-- will be interested in what you 'allowed' yourself to do for the day

    Personally, I struggled with that decision making process for quite some time.
    Notsomuch now! I've discovered it's really FUN to just play and BE! :-)

  2. Well my alone time will be holding my new baby I had on Monday :) Hub and son going out so I'm just going to chillax for the afternoon. Hope you find what you want do.

  3. Whooo congratulations CJ ! :-) I hope the baby allows you chillaxing time!

    Mel - will let you know later!

    1. She lets me chill in the daytime, night time is a different matter entirely :). Hope you made the best of your free time :)


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