Tuesday, 15 May 2012


While at the gym this evening I overheard a woman talking to one of the instructors about her three children..

"They're all different, you know?  they each take after their fathers.  They are always arguing about their fathers, you know 'My dad's better than yours' haha!"


  1. Terrifying! As a teacher I see so many
    (a) melded families
    (b) fatherless children

    It is certainly unusual to look at a student's family details and find that they live with 2 parents, and even more rare that those 2 are both their biological parents.

  2. That she found it laughable and a 'fun' thing to share--that's what I find frightening.

    Again, I blame the isolation and undersocialization. LOL

    It's a 'google it' world!
    Common sense is no longer common, eh?


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