Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Signed up

I have joined a gym.   But not any old gym, a new and exclusive one in my home town which offers personal service and advice, and plenty of variety in exercise.

I used to go to the local gym at the recreation centre, but lost interest in it, didn't like the TV they showed, and just didn't like the atmosphere there. Others have said the same thing about it, so it's not just me! Anyway when talking about doing more to get fitter and build up my leg strength etc. Mr H suggested going back to the gym. I screwed up my face and said No Way, I Hate It.  Walking, cycling and gardening are fine, but I'm only maintaining myself, not progressing; I need something else.

Then I found that a friend from when I went to dance classes works at a newly opened place in town, so I looked at their website. It sounded good and they mentioned rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery exercise, so I booked in with her for a free consultation and 'tour'.   Well, it's nothing like the big sweaty places most gyms are!  Four small rooms with varying machines, and they are currently building a room which will house dancing, yoga, boxercise etc. - but only for small numbers not the 20+ people who go to the rec.  Or you can just use the equipment on your own between classes.

So I thought "Why Not", it wasn't much more expensive per month and I will get loads of encouragement from people who know my first name (always a bonus).

So, my first visit is on Friday straight from work!

Oh, and they take your measurements as well.... if that isn't an incentive I don't know what is.

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