Monday, 15 August 2011

Physiotherapy, on impulse!

I got home from work this evening on my bike, it had rained a little bit but the temperature in shorts and t-shirt was perfect for cycling so I decided to dump my bag off and go for a longer ride.  So I changed into more comfortable leggings and set off after a quick honey sandwich to bolster my blood sugar.  I find the best way to do my physiotherapy is on impulse, rather than planned, otherwise I make excuses why I can't go for a 3 mile walk, or do exercises etc.

I pushed myself quite hard, the road north from our house is one that is flat in a car, but actually slopes gradually upwards, so I had the downhill on the way home :-)   No doubt I will ache in the morning, but it felt good to get my legs and lungs pumping for just under 7 miles which took me half an hour.  It doesn't sound much, but quite enough for an evening after work.  It's funny to think that five months ago on 14th March I cycled the 1.5 miles to work for the first time since last June, and was totally exhausted!

It is only 3 weeks until my next X-rays, it's been six months since the last ones. I'm really looking forward to seeing them and how different they look. Also Mr H is home for that whole week, so that's something else to look forward to!


  1. couldn't agree more. i always find that things get done much better (mentally & physically) when you hadn't been expecting to do them.

  2. WOW!! Good for YOU!

    And he's back for a whole week?
    Woohoooooo!!!!! :-)


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