Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Exam result day!!

I just got my 2nd year OU module and exam result and got a Grade 2 pass!!    I got an overall 81% in assignments, and 75% in the exam (a Grade 2 pass requires a mark of 70-85 in both components).

So I'm very, very happy this morning!!   It's given me a huge boost for next year, knowing that I didn't let myself down in the exam, and all the hard work revising paid off.

Hmm, maybe this calls for CAKE at work today! ;-)


  1. Congrats on the results :) Hum cake is a must.

  2. and maybe chocolate as well?? very well done, Juniper (knew you'd do well) :)

  3. Well done you. Very many congratulations. All that hard work definitely paid off - and your natural talent too of course :-)

  4. Cake?


    Oh no....we're talking CAKE and ICE CREAM and BALLOONS and CONFETTI and a fancy schmancy celebratory dinner!!!!

    <-- doing happy dance

    You GO girl!!!!!! :-)

  5. well done u!
    hope the cake was yummy....


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