Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beating demons

Happy New Year to you all!   Today the sun came out, it has been raining seemingly constantly for the last couple of months so it was lovely to see the big yellow sky thing.

Mr H, Django and I went off for a walk on the Forest, which is still very wet underfoot but with blue skies everything was feeling spring like.   I decided that today would be a good day to drive That Bit of Road, which I haven't been on since June 2010; it coincided with the place we had chosen to walk and was one option for the starting point. 

I felt a bit nervous going up there, but when we came to go home so were going the same direction as when the crash happened, it was actually fine. Neither of us mentioned it although we were both aware of it and I had said about going that route.  The main thing I noticed was that I couldn't work out where exactly the spot was that we had ended up between the trees - nowhere looked as though there was enough space without hitting a tree. Something else (part of a LONG list) to be grateful for, perhaps. 

So, I have started the New Year by beating that particular demon.  I don't know if there will come a day when I don't think of it at least once, but at least this is a good start.

I wish you all a happy, peaceful and fulfilling 2013!

Juniper x


  1. Wow....well, bless Damien for knowing a good place when he lands on one! LOL

    And good on you! Excellent way to get past the fear--go through it. Fact is, it's the only way I know. Seriously....well done! And I think it's brilliant that you were together for that bit. I'm thinking each of you has a bit of that muck and mire to sort through--it's good you're doing it together.
    And lucky you to have a walk about! Notsomuch here with subzero temperatures and a cast not made for walking. :-/ Stupid thing...LOL

  2. Mel, when I read the email version of your post I wondered who Damien was, now I know and his post will be deleted!!

    Good luck with the cast, a good excuse to stay in the warm and do not-a-lot ;) x


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