Saturday, 22 December 2012

Humans v. Nature

For my next assignment we have to come up with our own essay title, further questions that come out of it, sources we will use to answer the questions, and evaluate those sources.

On the one hand it's a bit scary, but more than that I find it rather exciting!  We can choose from the many different crime subjects we have covered, from corporate crime to state terror; people trafficking to cybercrime.  I have decided to concentrate on eco-crime because it has grabbed me as a subject.

I've never seen myself as a tree-hugger, but reading about it both in my course book and other articles has a) got my blood boiling and b) made me see how things link up between 'the West's' demands and the damage caused to developing countries and the natural environment.

At the moment (it will probably all change!) my working title is "To what extent do transnational relations and global trade affect levels of eco-crime?"

Today the sight in the 2012 "Wildlife photographer of the Year" portfolio of a rhino with its horn having been sawn off with a chainsaw almost reduced me to tears.  The things that humans are capable of and responsible for in a quest for money can be heart-breaking.

I'm off to see if Amazon sell tree-hugger t-shirts.


  1. If you have the time/inclination to read a novel, Barbara Kingsolver's latest, 'Flight Behaviour', makes some far-reaching comments about eco-crime, although not around global trade - more around global vandalism...

  2. Hi Alexia, thanks for the tip, I'll look it out.

    Have a lovely Christmas!


  3. I'll hope you had a lovely holiday--and that it's extended into today--Boxing Day, I hear tell. (we don't indulge, though I just might do the research and entertain myself with the details, given I have a bit of time on my hands!)

    It's always nice when the professors give you a bit of free reign.....but there were times I preferred to have the topics handed to me. I was known to choose rather lengthy, difficult topics when left to my own devices.
    Tree hugging wouldn't bother me....LOL....I talk to plants and critters and have a hard time with 'weed killers' that get threatened every spring.
    And it's a shame what we do to our own place in the universe, frankly. I'm having a deep seated desire to crutch my way out, in the darkness, to hug the ash tree out front that's gorgeous in all seasons!
    I'll blame you! ;-)

  4. Damn I just wrote a long reply and then pressed the wrong button and lost it! Suffice to say, I am prone to over complication so I know what you mean. Still it's interesting doing the research and thinking how to approach the subject. For our final assignment we have to write the actual essay, this one is just the plan, still 1200 words though.

    Happy boxing day, I have no idea what we are supposed to be doing today, traditionally, will have to look it up!

    Enjoy the tree hugging, I don't mind you blaming me.


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