Friday, 4 January 2013

Breathe in peace...

My resolution of 'don't let people wind me up' is being tested now I'm back at work.

Not with customers but with the reminder that it is like living in a student house. Sink perpetually full of cold water with a teaspoon or two at the bottom. Coffee spills on the workstop. Half eaten packets of food that seem to spread. All little things that don't really matter but still irritate.

A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook recently that said

"Breathe in Peace
Breathe out Love"

Normally I take those sort of phrases with a pinch of salt, but that one seemed to stick in my head. Reminding myself of it helped me get through a few moments over Christmas when I was worrying about things, feeling stressed or thinking uncharitable thoughts about people! 

Try it next time you are feeling wound up, and combine it with a deep breath in and a deep breath out, it works for me...


  1. Your description of the students house sums up living with 2 teenage kids! Just a great deal worse!

  2. Breathe in Peace
    Breathe out Love it!
    As you can well guess, I'm a tad 'witchy' these are good instructions for me.
    And it's not because of Messy Marvins! *I* AM the Messy Marvin. *laughing*
    It's the Cleaning Clyde that's irritating me--if he moves it, IT'S NOT WHERE I WANT IT!

    Breathe in peace
    Breathe out love.....


  3. Keep breathing, Mel!!!

    I'm needing this mantra today - someone, somewhere is doing something that has locked us all out of the software and I can't get hold of them. Breathing....

  4. LOVE that mantra...and will use fact, I think I may need to use it in about two minutes when I go tackle the mess that Chris has left in the kitchen!


    C x


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