Thursday, 26 April 2012

TP 193: Faith

What an appropriate theme from Carmi this week....

When I was hopping around for 6 months, missing even walking the dog, I always had faith that I would once again stand on a summit... maybe not the highest in the world but this was a good start - and the first of many more!

There is nothing like having something taken away from you to make you realise that the effort really IS worth it.

Juniper at 2630 feet.


  1. Fantastic - well done you!

  2. You're adorable too! Having followed along with your posts, I know how proud you are of this moment.

  3. Now I'm hoping (hopping?) to know where the photo was taken.

  4. Hi Bob, it is at the summit of The Old Man of Coniston in the Lakes.

  5. Holy cow, I'm proud of you, too.

    Well done, you! :-)

  6. Utterly wonderful to see you standing up there! :-D

    C x

  7. Looks plenty high enough for me! And what an inspirational picture: The look on your face - of accomplishment, of vibrancy and life - is enough to make me want to get out there and find my own peaks to climb. Lovely photo and lesson!

    New theme goes up in a few minutes...I'm betting you'll have plenty to share this time out, too! Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks all, it felt amazing!

    Carmi, thank you, I'm glad to be getting back to taking part in your themes :-)


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