Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Changing places

I am moving.

No, not house. Just a relocation within the same office.

At the moment I sit in the main 'technical' office which I manage, with the other two girls.  I feel like one of the girls while actually I am supposed to be their boss, sometimes I want some peace and quiet and a bit of distance from the chatter; and from being too buddy-buddy with people who I sometimes need to pull rank on.

It so happens that the third technical team girl is about to return from maternity leave, and previously used a rather temporary feeling office next to my boss's.  It is temporary feeling because it also houses the photocopier/printer plus various office junk.   I decided that this would be a good place for me to be, because it is next to the boss so he can discuss things with me without disturbing everyone else, and I will be next to but not amongst my team. Plus the girl returning will be part of the group rather than stuck out on her own.  It is open plan-ish so I will still hear everything that is going on, but won't sit getting annoyed by people's personal habits that I have in my line of sight!

So, today I started dismantling my stuff.  Given that I've been there 27 years, and I've had the same desk (in various locations) all that time, this took a while. I can't take the desk with me, it will be rather sad to leave it, how silly to be attached to a piece of office furniture? Tomorrow we will move the photocopier to the other end of the office which will the space twice as big, and the paraphanalia.

I thought that the girl who sits next to me might be put out by my wanting to move and take it personally, but everyone seemed to agree that it was a good idea... plus she gets my desk next to the window with the best view (I now get to look out over the dinghy park!).

I'm hoping I won't regret it, but at least I will have my proper own space for the first time, ever?


  1. 27 years at the same desk?

    *laughing* I'm only at 22. Five more and I'll be caught up!

    The move makes sense--but handing over that'll be a huge switch!

  2. Wow you've had your desk longer than I've had my partner, well just. :D

  3. @Mel: I get a different view that's all! I can always borrow the other one by going and talking to people haha! I'm moved in now and it's lovely to have my own space :-)

    @Joey: ..and 3 years longer than I've had Mr H!


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