Monday, 2 April 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

My current choice of things to read:

New Scientist
Lonely Planet guide to the Lakes District
Understanding Children & Young People 5-18 years
Protecting Scotland's Communities (Fair, Fast & Flexible Justice)
Homes & Antiques
The Quran
DD208 Book 3 Chapter 6
BBC History magazine

(most of the above I have already started!)

Hmm not much Chick Lit amongst that lot!

Or I could start something new like 'Attention All Shipping: A journey around the shipping forecast' or the other books waiting for me upstairs.... but no I need to finish what I've started first or I won't be able to move for half read books / magazines!

I think I have an addiction to the written word..... is there a group for that?


  1. I love that you have the Quran on your reading list!

    Nope, not much chick lit but there is nothing wrong with that!

    C x

  2. Trying to educate myself Carol :-)

    Chick lit - I try it occasionally but it makes my brain scream. The last one I think I managed one chapter!


  3. Your list sounds so interesting! And personally, I like seeing started books lying around, makes me want to take a peek too ;)

  4. Understanding Children & Young People 5-18 years might be okay, if it's not repetitive and so....vague and obvious that it's a waste of time.

    The Quran --definitely worthy of reading more than once.

    But THIS one...Lonely Planet guide to the Lakes District would lead to a few fun adventures!!!
    Yup....go for this one first!

    Then haul one of the others to read at the lake. :-)

    <-- problem solver!! LOLOL

  5. Mel, the young people book I'm just dipping into the bits that might be relevant to my course, it's ok but a little bit fluffy!

    The Lakes books are more for my parents, to find something for them to do while Mr H and I out walking! Do need to look as some not-massively-strenuous hiking ideas though (different book for that...).

    So far I'm working to finish Persepolis (very good) and will decide what to take to the Lakes with me - should hopefully get a bit more reading time there :-)


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