Friday, 14 October 2011

Bonsoir, toute la monde!

Pfft, the flight fine - perfect Juniper conditions: no wind, no rain, no snow....!

I am now sweating in a Paris hotel room on the 22nd floor, with the thermostat apparently stuck at 22C that  is hot for me) and of course no opening window - heaven knows how many people would fall out if there were.  But anyway it's a nice, comfortable hotel, within strolling distance of cafes, shops and - ahem - the red light district.   We discovered that when we went out for a late breakfast earlier!

I have seen two people who I have spoken/e-mailed to for the last 3-5 years but never met; one from Australia and the other from the USA.  That was really good to finally meet them, it makes so much difference to a business relationship (although many of my business contacts, some of whom I talk to on a daily basis, count as friends now).

In the bathroom of my hotel room there is one of those magnifying, illuminated makeup mirrors. Crikey I've never seen my face in so much detail!!  and I'm not sure I want to, hehe. It's also rather off-putting that at a certain distance away, you see your face upside down.

The weather here is fab - dry and autumnal but wall to wall blue skies.  Tomorrow we will be in our meeting all day but will get some escape time on Sunday, so maybe the Eiffel Tower will call....?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!

    Well, 'cept for the red-light district vacinity. Or......maybe that's okay too. Makes for interesting evening walks, I'm sure.

    And just so ya know--I'd use that mirror for a towel hanger. :-/ O M G


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