Sunday, 10 July 2011


Somnambulism - or sleep-walking to most of us - is something I have dabbled in over the years.

I was just about to say what my limitations of sleep-walking are, but when Mr H isn't here to tell me, how do I know where I go or what I do, as long as I wake up back in my bed?   That's a strange thought.

So, to my knowledge, I have never been outside the house.  Mostly I end up somewhere in the bedroom, trying to work out where I am and then gradually waking up and realising that it is my bedroom and not a dungeon or scary place I'm trying to escape from, as happened last night.  A non-wandering variety is also worrying who the hell the scary person is in my bed until I realise it is my husband! Once I decided to carry the duvet into the corner of the bedroom (much to Mr H's amusement).

The furthest I have been, to my knowledge, is downstairs, switched off the house alarm, re-set it and went back to bed.  I have no recollection of this but in the morning Mr H asked me about it.  When he first went to Scotland I worried that I would sleepwalk and fall downstairs with no-one here to know.  But having read a bit more about somnambulism I don't think I'm any more likely to do that than when I'm awake.

Somnambulism can be used as a defence for murder, and there have been several well known cases (I won't tell you about them, Google it!).    Hopefully I am not doing anything untoward in my sleep, or going off for trips in the car that I don't know about, but maybe that's another reason to set the house alarm overnight!


  1. Not if you can unset it in your sleep! And would it wake you up or just be some perfectly acceptable part of your dream?

    I'm glad to see that you have registered your sleepwalking here so that we all know and it can be better used in your defence :-)

  2. I don't sleep walk but I have smacked the Hubby in the face a few times while sleeping, I'm usually dreaming I'm batting flies or bees away. My son mumbles and talks a bit in his sleep and the dog scared us whitless on a few occasions by sleep howling we were almost going to believe in ghost as we could not pinpoint where the sound was coming from as we were asleep when we heard it.

  3. Nope--no sleep walking here.

    There goes a good defense if himself ever comes up missing. :-/


  4. Rosie - hmm, good point!

    Chibi - haha, I wonder what those dreams mean? I have done sleep-talking too but more when I was younger I think. (although who knows now, when there is no-one to hear me?)

    Mel - you'll just have to think of something else ;-)


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