Friday, 22 July 2011

Seething in the shower

I have been seething in the shower, about various things.

About my ex-brother-in-law who is borderline-something, and takes it out on people I love.

About people who complain that the fact they live in this beautiful place is awful because of the tourists and the house prices.   Do they not realise that the tourists keep it alive?   And that they do have a choice to move elsewhere?   Hey, move somewhere cheaper and ugly and unpleasant, would you be happy then?  Cake and Eating It springs to mind.

About people who say they have no choice. Everyone has choices.  There may be things or particular circumstances that we have had no control over, but we all have a choice as to how we handle them, or react to them (are we back to 'change what you can change, accept what you can't'?).  

I could say that I have no choice about staying in my job because I need my salary to pay the mortgage. But I could re-mortgage and halve my monthly payments and get a lower paid job, if I chose to.

Yesterday I castigated myself for mentioning something that then provoked comments that annoyed me.  Should I just keep my mouth shut today? or should I purposely provoke 'discussion' and risk my blood pressure?


  1. Don't worry we all have I want to shake people moments, Mine is when I out with my lad and people start asking if he is at nursery and I say I'm not sending him If they left the topic at that them fine but no They start a verbal torrent of how their child loves it, I depriving him of social contact (for crying out loud lady he engaged your kid) and some even try and talk him into wanting to nursery. Look you got me ranting now :)

  2. Oh.


    I call it 'Wednesday whinings' but if you wanna piece of it on Friday, go for it!

    k...I could carry on on a Friday.
    I can be versatile! :-)

  3. I can think of a word to go with Friday ;-)

  4. well i don't know about what you Say...but you could keep posting lovely piccies like this one of the beach please!


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