Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Here I am, at 8.27pm, already in my pyjamas sitting on my bed in my room in the RORC Clubhouse.  It's been a long day (by my standards) so I've left the boss and my other colleague and retreated for Bed and Book.  I've always been a lightweight when it comes to staying up late, and today I will savour a couple of hours of Me Time before sleep.

It would be super quiet, were it not in London. Despite being in a dead end street there is traffic, bin men, general rattling and banging and engines running; but it's far too warm to close the window.  For one night I will soak up the sounds of the city and tomorrow I will return to my country noises.... such as birds, and boy-racers tearing up the street at midnight in their souped up Subarus.


  1. LOL

    <-- member of the lightweight club!

    <-- has a gold card, dontchaknow

  2. Hehe I'm just about qualified for it too, now ;-)


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