Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Water splashing

The term "Aquaerobics" has always prompted the vision of middle-aged, overweight women, floundering around in the pool while Mr H and I pounded in the gym upstairs.  Poor, sad women who couldn't do real exercise, losers huh?

Well not any more.

I don't like the gym any more - it doesn't help that the local one is a miserable little box which is always too crowded (I'm not going to start driving 5 miles to a larger gym when there is one within walking distance).  All it shows on TV is Beyonce strutting her booty, or some X-factor band I've never heard of.  I know a lot of women hate going to the gym because they are body-conscious compared with the seasoned pros that go, but that has never bothered me - I'm happy looking like a woman!  No, I just got bored with  it.

So, having decided that I need more exercise, last night I went to aquaerobics.  It was full of middle-aged, overweight women which probably now includes me, and one man.  So much for no exercise, it was hard work with an enthusiastic instructor urging us to go faster, while not taking into account the water working against us!   I really threw myself into it knowing that I wasn't going to damage my leg or get sweaty, not with water splashing over me from my own and my neighbours flailing arms...

I came out of the pool with that slightly weak feeling of post-exertion, but with a smile on my face.

If that makes me a loser, then so be it!


  1. LOL Well, I don't have that same visual coming to me with the word "Aquaerobics". I must have seen too many 'old' movies with all sorts of cool things being done in the pool.

    Yeahyeah.....I watch the classic movie channel. LOL ON occasion. It's rare. ;-)

    Good for you! Swim on, ma'am.........swim on!!

  2. It's supposed to be the best kind of exercise - swimming is way kinder on the joints than running etc. Especially for those of us who are - ahem - past the first bloom of youth... :)


  3. It so doesn't make you a loser! I loved water aerobics when I was in Thailand...exercise that kept you cool and that couldn't do you any damage...that's my kind of exercise! I must look into whether there are any classes here.

    C x


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