Wednesday, 4 January 2012


The lovely Carol has just started a new art blog - go and take a look.  Now Carol is obviously a far more patient and exacting person than me ;-) but she inspired me to get my sketching things out and have some switch-off time (in place of either sitting in front of a computer or worrying about what I 'should' be doing!).

So I got my pencils and notebook out and here is what I produced.  They are all blind contour drawings ie. drawing something without looking at the paper - an eye-opener when you look at the result!

The headstock of Mr H's L'Arrivee guitar, from the side

Hedgey bear... our favourite is the first one because we like his expression!

Mr H's Ibanez guitar


  1. I LOVE them!!! Fab Fab Fab :-)

    The guitar heads are really interesting, I love the bears and I could totally see that guitar on a poster!

    Glad you felt inspired

    C x

  2. Thanks Carol, Mr H likes that one too!

  3. <-- likes the bears muchly, ty.

    She's got a NEW web log?! Whoa......LOL
    See whatcha miss when you let life claim you?! Sheeshhhhhh

  4. I have to say I am only just getting back into the mood for art as well. Glad you are beginning to feel inspired again.


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