Tuesday, 29 November 2011

News and emotional confusion

Aarggh I don't know what kind of mood I am in at the moment - the opposite to how everyone would imagine I would be feeling just now...

I have some news to catch you up on, and that is that Mr H. has a new job and will be moving home at Christmas!   What a relief to have an end to the 'indefinite period' in Scotland... not that either of us regret it in any way at all, we have both learned a lot from the experience, but we'd both got to the point where we just wanted to be together (and be able to DO things at a moment's notice.  That is darn tricky when you are 450 miles apart, everything becomes a logistical nightmare).

He is moving out of forestry, by necessity rather than choice. ie. in the end, the need for him to come home out-weighed staying in forestry.  But the new job he has is pretty cool - trimming classic Jaguar cars (ie. upholstery and making carpets, hoods etc.).  And better still it is about 2 miles from our house, better than we could have imagined. Sooo he comes home before Christmas and New Year and doesn't go away again!

Meanwhile I fly to Phuket, Thailand (sorry Carol) on Thursday morning to work at a big regatta there.  I'm not a particularly good long-haul traveller in that I get dreadful pre-travel nerves, although I am usually fine as soon as I am in the taxi - it's the few days beforehand that make me a wreck. But hey, a week of sun, sea and sand is something to look forward to, even if I do have to still work as well.

Two things to be excited about, so why do I feel that I've had an emotional relapse and am suddenly depressed...?


  1. Blame it on the holidays... Seems like from Nov.-Dec. its a hard month for all....emotions, families, just everyday stress and the coming to end of the year...I wondered what happened to you... Haven't seen u around here in quite some time. Good luck on your regatta job.

  2. Because any change is stressful and hard to cope with sometimes, even good changes.

    I'm sure things will work out really well in the long run. A great many people feel depressed as this time of the year, me included. I hope the depression lifts soon. :)

  3. Hi KBF, no I've not posted much as I haven't felt in the right mood... things have been a bit difficult in my head the last few months. Also this year's studying isn't inspiring me as much as last year!

    Maybe things will look up in the New Year - then I can start posting about how Mr H. and I are driving each other up the wall... ;-)

  4. Wow! How cool is that?! He's coming home to stay AND he gets to work on classic Jags. Okay....that sounds like great fun.
    As for the 'shouldn't I be elated'?

    Never, ever should on yourself--that's just not nice. We are where our feet are--and change is change. Some of us don't do it very graciously--even when it's for the good. (referring to me, of course....*sigh*) Sun. Sand. Ships!!! Wooohooooo.

    And the long haul air ride--take a good book! :-/

  5. Its a case of you didn't know you were under stress until the stress ends. Its after this point your body goes gosh I don't have to produce all those hormone stuff to keep you going, so bam you suddenly hit the bottom.

    You will have someone there now to help pick you up and dust you off now. I am so happy for you and your partner.

    Enjoy you trip as well.

  6. It could be because you have been looking forward to that news for so long that it's almost an anti-climax when it comes? Like when I got my Uni certificate...over the moon when I got it, celebrated and then felt a bit blue!

    But Yay that Mr H is coming home *does happy dance on your behalf*

    C x

    Ps. Am very jealous that your in Thailand. Have a Tom Yum Goong for me :-) and I hope your journey wasn't too stressful!


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