Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Action stations! Actually a nice cup of tea for me please

I've only been studying social justice for about 6 weeks, but already I'm feeling the disadvantage of being a middle-class, white, employed, healthy female. I have nothing in my day to day life to be an activist or campaign about.  Although that's not strictly true, I could be campaigning on behalf of women, since Mr Normal is - obviously - male, white, employed and healthy.

I cannot relate at all to those who are activists (and I know that people who read this are, and I am in no way belittling it) because I have never had issues or felt passionately enough about something to do so.   It makes me feel apathetic in a way, because people who do feeling passionate enough to campaign and put heart and soul into something make me feel bad that I don't.

The National Union of Students are having a 'student activism conference' in London tomorrow. It reads like a kind of market for 'things to campaign against' because that's what students do.  "Activists will have the opportunity to attend more than 60 workshops organised and run by campaigning organisations, trade unions and student activists from across the UK".  A bit like going to a university Open Day?

So now I can feel bad that I'm feeling cynical about the whole thing.  And I am a student but I won't be there.  Because I'll be at work.

Mrs Normal, that's me.


  1. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever it is you're passionate about. If you are not moved to be a social activist, but you are moved by something else, there is no one who has the right to tell you you're wrong.
    By the way, guilt is a choice - you can choose not to take it on. Why even let it take hold?

    /Signed: Mrs Normal on the other side of the Puddle ;)

  2. *laughing* Maybe you're passionate about NOT being passionate about that stuff? Or maybe you could be!

    I'm gonna agree with Carina on the other side of your puddle--LET GO. If it ain't your deal--it ain't your deal.

    I'd sign myself off as 'Normal', but as far as I know that's just a setting on a wash machine.

    I relate much better with 'agitate' or 'spin', however. ROFL

  3. Pfffft...I just wrote a big long comment on here then did something stupid and it vanished!

    It was witty and insightful *snort* (and if you believe that you will believe anything!)

    I studied social justice for the 'ethics' part of my dissertation. I found Amartya Sen's ideas on Social justice interesting (he builds on Rawls theory) and The Spirit Level (Richard Wilkinson and Kate something or other) also made good reading. You have probably already covered these but I found them helpful.

    As for activists...well I think some activists give being an activist a bad name!

    C x

  4. @Carina & Mel: I think I'm passionate about caring about what the hell I want to and not what other people think I should!

    Agreed on the guilt thing...

    @Carol: sorry to miss your witty insight :-) Thanks for the tips on the books. Amartya Sen has come up in passing (and Rawls of course). I will see if I can get anything from the library.



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