Monday, 14 September 2009

Real or illusion?

I have been pondering the parts other people play in creating our dreams...

On the one hand, they can support and encourage us; whether this means making sacrifices, having long intimate conversations about whatever it is we need to talk about, or simply supplying copious cups of tea while we struggle with an assignment or project.

In a different instance, they can give the illusion of being part of our dream or helping us build towards it, whereas actually they stand as a constant reminder of our reality and we can't move forward.

Sometimes they only exist in our dreams (be they day or night) and vaporise as life brings us back to earth with a bump.

It would be perfect to only surround ourselves with those who make life easy for us, but wouldn't that make life a little bit dull...?

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  1. I think that that would make life dull and we would not feel our existence if everything was how we wished it to be. We only exist in relationship to the things and people that surround us. The wonderful thing about the events, circumstances, stuff and people that we don't want, or make life uncomfortable for us us that we can get clearer and clearer about the stuff etc that we do. Each contrast creates a new desire and so we learn and grow.

    I have noticed however that when I push against something/one that I don't want I get as much of that as that that I do want. The trick then I think is to just keep focused on what I want and pay no attention to what I don't ... here goes.


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