Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Out of the Comfort Zone

I'm not looking forward to being 50.  Yes I know it's a few years away yet but I've been reminded of it recently.

It's not because of looking older; more wrinkles, more grey hair (and more chance of looking like mutton if I cover it up).  Or the knowledge that I'll be 50 by the time I finish my degree and changing career will be more of a struggle.

No, it's because my doctor has told me that I'll have to come off The Pill when I hit 50.    That means stepping out of a 30 year comfort zone of religiously taking '1-a-day' to retain my childfree status. "And," she added, "I'm afraid you'll probably still be fertile then."   But what of these figures and charts that say I'm 30% fertile at 40-44 and only 5% at 45-49 and 0% at 50?    No doubt I will be the exception to the rule; and how will I know - trial and error??

I just hope that by then some clever boffin has invented a 99% method that doesn't involve mainlining hormones, leaving it up to himself, or wrestling with some kind of 'personal device' every time.

In the meantime I had better just make the most of the next seven years.


  1. Tell Alex to get the chop. It's time he had the responsibility :)

  2. I wouldn't trust it - how many women have got pregnant since their man had the chop? lots!

  3. Never even heard of anyone we know/knew that has a post snip baby but I can list the 'accidents' with pill, condoms, coils and the rest.

  4. What a sad thing to regard kids as 'accidents'. Why won't you have a baby? I mean why not?

  5. Frankie, because I don't want one! I'm not the maternal type. It is surely better not to have one, than to have one you don't want because other people think you should want one...?

    Instead I enjoy being a cool auntie to my many nephews and nieces.


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