Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Still here!

Where have I been? It's not that I have nothing to say or to talk about, perhaps the issue is that I have too much to talk about and don't want to have to choose?

I am 1/3 of the way through my penultimate OU module which is Social Psychology and fascinating. Off goes my mind in all sorts of directions again!  I'm a bit nervous about the project and having to interview people, but I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing. I'm focussing on embodiment and talking to people who have had joint replacements to hear their experiences. 

Mr H and I are keeping busy with hill climbing the Hillman Imp and still loving it.  We really feel part of the hillclimb 'family' now, in the south west at least. Big news though this month is that Mr H has gone back to the Forestry Commission as a works supervisor. I hadn't realised how concerned I was about him moving away again, until he got this job on our doorstep. A big relief for me, I can't speak for him though ;)

We don't have a new puppy yet... It would be too hard on the puppy and us to have one mid-hillclimb season. We have some contacts though and hope to be cuddling a Pointer by October. It should be old enough to come to hillclimbs by April 2015!


  1. It's good to see you here! Blogger has been a bit slow on updating though, and now I fear a huge well of tears welling up, as I read about you on the possible look for a new puppy. Fearing I may have missed a very moving loss, one that I myself went through last August 14th, and that's all I'm saying. It's always great to catch up with you! Take good care!

  2. Hi Karen, yes we lost dear Django in December, in fact it's really since then that I haven't written anything, I realise. I wrote a bit about it if you scroll down a couple of posts, but I daren't re-read it myself or I'll be bawling again... Lots of good memories and posts on here under Spot's Spot to make me remember him with a smile though. I'm so sorry to hear you have been through the same, it's awful isn't it.

    Pleased to know someone still reads this when I do write something ;)

  3. I'm glad you're still around too!

    I'm looking forward to some great puppy photos sometime soon... :)


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