Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Letting it all go

I never take a mirror camping.  It matters not to me that I can't see what I look like when I wake up, and as Mr H doesn't scream when he sees me I'm guessing it's not that bad.  When camping, I wear no makeup and don't wash and style my hair every day; the whole point of a camping holiday is escape from everyday life, pressures, worries, 'normality'.

I've never understood women (or men for that matter) who clearly have their normal bathroom / make up routine every day when they are camping - just let it go.  Relax, stop worrying about what you look like in the holiday photos. Kick back and be at one with nature.

I know that some people CANNOT go out in public without makeup on and their hair perfect (or that perfectly messy that takes hours to achieve).  I am not one of those people.  I never wore much makeup when I was young, and now it is pretty much limited to mascara (only because I have really short eyelashes), and maybe some powder if it's a special occasion. Yes, I'm pretty lazy in the makeup department unless it is a really special occasion when I'll dig out some eye shadow...

Talking about hair, having been through the phase of liking the novelty of it straightened, I am now enjoying the wildness of curly, 'whatever' hair. It is freeing and makes me feel less like a clone of everyone else with a straight bob haircut. The only time my hair is straight now is when it has just been cut - and that is mainly because the curls don't sit naturally when they've been pulled around, dried, scrunched and tweaked.  So I have a couple of days of smart, straight hair every 6 weeks, and then I revert to the 'dragged through hedge backwards' look, and just let it all go...


  1. sister-in-law!3 July 2013 at 22:45

    In the marina loos a few weeks ago I watched in amazement as a woman carefully painted her nails, dried them under the hand drier, then put a second layer on. Couldn't imagine her hauling a rusty anchor chain!

  2. I do less and less--and that's without camping involved. LOL I'd claim it was deliberate, but I think it's simply called laziness. NOT that I ever put that much effort into 'looking all that and a bag of chips'. Didn't.....still don't. And I don't mind AT all! :-)


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