Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Brain issues

The last 'normal' essay I wrote was before Christmas, and I feel as though I have forgotten how to write one! The assignment I have done since Christmas was a Plan for the long 4000 word essay we have to do in April, so that was very different.

Assignment no.4 is due on March 14th and I feel slightly in denial about starting on it, but thankfully I have a tutorial on Saturday so that should help!


One of my work colleagues recently had a 'chat' with the boss about her production levels. Her response was to come into work early and leave late the last couple of days (unnecessary for getting the work done) and note down how much she had invoiced (we don't work on commission and this is irrelevant information).  I was interested how her interpretation of what would 'fix it' is totally different to mine. If I had been given the same 'chat' I would look at my time management and priorities. But I suppose that difference is the reason that she gets The Chat, and I don't.


  1. God I remember that feeling well! Trust me...once you make a start on the essay it will all come flooding back and you will wonder why you were worried about it in the first place! (I remember reading one of mine and thinking...'Did I actually write that?')

    Your colleague's reaction is odd considering what you've said about the work you do! Reminded me of a time when my boss sent me to a time management course cause he didn't have time to go to it :-D

    C x

  2. Okay.....well, that's an interesting solution. I'm curious how that'll alter anything, but that's just me!

    Oh help on the essay bit. Buy more deodorant!
    *sigh* See! LOL. Absolutely nooooo help!


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