Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sports Personality of the Year

When one works in a sport, there are assumptions about who one will vote for in BBC's Sports Personality of the Year.

I doubt whether many of my sailing friends and acquaintances will vote for anyone other than Ben Ainslie; but not me.  The ones that would get my vote would be either Jessica Ennis, Katherine Grainger or Nicola Adams and yes I suppose I am unconsciously biased toward the women.  All of the shortlisted nominees are of course inspiring, but I think some are more inspiring than others.  

Those who breezed through a heptathlon, or who have persevered and finally made gold; or become a first British champion say more to me than those who have been winning golds for years.

If that doesn't fit with the 'But you have to vote for Ben!' brigade, then so be it. 


  1. I would go with your choices too....they really deserve it after the herculean effort it took them to get there...and the fact they did it with aplomb and good grace!

    C x


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