Saturday, 29 September 2012

September & The Goodwood Revival

Wow that was a month and a half, September...

It fitted in two hill climbs in the Imp, a trip to Goodwood Revival, and many hours under/in/around the car by Mr H. getting things fixed!

The Goodwood Revival was a wonderful day. We spent a comfortable night at our friends cottage near the venue, and had a superb meal at the local pub which was walking distance and restaurant quality at pub prices. Perfect.

The next morning we donned our period dress and set off for Goodwood...

We spent a happy time browzing the period market place and resisting buying things!   I was a bit disappointed at the low quality of some of the items in fact, but anyway it was fun looking. I managed to find a new (old) hat which went with my dress:

There was plenty of period racing on but our favourite event was the St Mary's Trophy which was 50s/60s saloons including Jaguars, A 35s, a Rover P4, Ford Anglias etc.  The great thing about the racing at Goodwood is that the drivers don't hold back, no matter how immaculate their pride and joy.  A BMW 700 was being thrown around the track and went off several times only to rejoin the pack - the owner/driver evidently have a fantastic time!   It is also impressive how when things go wrong they just get on and fix it before the next race. There were stories of new engines and gearboxes being put in overnight, even involving drives to Wales to get the parts. This is serious stuff.  At the end of the St Mary's Trophy it transpired that the driver of the winning Jaguar had had gearbox trouble so drove using only 2 gears, and one hand on the gearstick!

Mr H thoroughly enjoyed his birthday present (the ticket) and we will definitely be going next year!

On a car related subject, I have just been accepted for membership of the British Women Racing Drivers' Club which I am stupidly excited about!  I'll be going all out in 2013 now... 

And our Imp Adventures have their own blog...  where you can keep up with the action ;)

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  1. OH my cute were the two of you?! And what fun.....goodness it looks like it was a time and a half! It's those kinds of things that make the whole affair wonderful--folks running off to Wales, shoving the cars back on the track.....what determination to have a grand time.

    Seriously--that is one awesome hat! What a gem of a find!


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