Monday, 19 July 2010

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Well I've been home a week, and my days are settling into a kind of routine:

6.30-7.30  wake up properly (having been awake on and off during the night). Let the dog out, now I am confident of him not barging me on my crutches. Take painkillers.
8.30-9.00 Mr H. brings me a cup of tea and I place breakfast order.  Do some physio exercises in bed.
10.00  Think it's probably time I got up and had a wash and got dressed.
Rest of the morning - read or do paperwork, browze on the computer.  Sit outside or stay in bed depending on how I'm feeling (and the weather!). Phone friends.
12.30  Lunch of something simple.  Painkillers.
Afternoon - pretty much the same as the morning. Maybe watch a DVD or something on iPlayer, or write to family and friends.
5.00-5.30 Might have some visitors on their way home from work, which is always nice :-). Painkillers and physio.
7.30-8.00 Evening meal cooked by Mr H.; we vary between full on home cooking and simple 'shove it in the oven' meals.
Followed by physio / reading / film / iPlayer until about 11.00 bedtime.

Having written that it sounds pretty deathly boring.  I could go out, but right now it just sounds too exhausting although I know I'd enjoy seeing people.  My friend has offered to take me up to the clifftop one day, just to sit and chat and eat ice-creams; that is the sort of thing that I don't normally do, and I've realised that I will have to rethink some old habits before I become a recluse.

We have 3 teenage girls camping in the garden for a few days this week and they are very chatty which is great considering we are 'old' 40-somethings; I hadn't realised how tiring talking and listening would be!   Tonight we are having a bar-b-que with them which will be fun; though I'm sure I will escape to my bed long before they do...


  1. It's a slow old process isn't it. Considering it's only about 3 weeks since all this happened your progress is amazing.

    Suggestion for invalids:
    Eating fish and chips from Milford in the car park on the front. You can open the car window if you need some fresh air ;-)

  2. oh yes, that's definitely a good suggestion :-)


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