Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Modern reality

I've never before been in the position of being friends with both parties in a separated relationship, but over the last couple of years I have found myself in that position.  They have two children and now one of them has a new partner; so when it came to Christmas cards this year I was a little perplexed what to do.  Last year I put the children on the card of my 'primary' friend; this year I put them on their mother's card and included the new partner on the other one. It felt very weird.

Having had a discussion last night about their Christmas arrangements, and how one of them might actually end up spending it alone, it made me realise how easy it is having just the one husband. So many people have to deal with complex and emotive arrangements around Christmas time... and the depressing fact is that it is probably now the norm, rather than the exception.

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